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Our points programme has been designed to give our customers something back. It's our way of saying thank you for your business and recommendations. The programme is provided in good faith and we know the vast majority of customers will use it appropriately. Any abuse of the programme affects the service for everyone and we will act swiftly and decisively to remove and ban anyone found abusing the programme or not using it in the spirit it was designed for. We ask that you please read the below terms and conditions below carefully before placing your first order or recommending us. Thank you.


  1. Every customer is automatically registered into The Protein Works™ Loyalty Points programme upon completing the online registration process
  2. Only one TPW™ account is allowed per customer
  3. Only one TPW™ account is allowed per billing address
  4. We employ complex cross-detection technology to detect duplicate accounts and any customer found to have created a duplicate account for fraudulent means will automatically be banned without prior notice
  5. All TPW™ Points issued to you will be valid for 12 months from the date of issue. Any points earned but not redeemed within this period will automatically expire. It is the customer's responsibility to use all points during the valid period. You can check your points expiry dates within MyAccount under Loyalty Points
  6. TPW™ Referral Codes only become valid once the owner of the code places their first order over £10. Any referrals incurred before this first order has been made will not be rewarded with referral points or free protein for the refered person.
  7. There are no limits to the amount of TPW™ Points that you can earn, however there is a redemption limit of £100 of points per order and £200 in total per month
  8. The number of TPW™ Points you have available to redeem will be displayed in your shopping basket. Just enter the amount of points that you want to use and the value of these redeemed points will become visible
  9. TPW™ Points from referrals will only become available 24 hours after the referred order has been despatched
  10. Only one redemption can be made per transaction
  11. Points redemption transactions cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers, promotions or discounts codes
  12. No TPW™ Points are available when ordering over the phone
  13. Recommendations cannot be made for people living in the same household
  14. Any activity that contravenes these terms and conditions will result in the closure of all related accounts and the deletion of all TPW Rewards
  15. We reserve the right to withdraw this programme at any time without prior notice
  16. We may add or remove new ways of earning TPW™ Points from time to time. Any new ways will be communicated through the usual TPW™ marketing channels
  17. We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of this programme without prior notice
  18. TPW™ Points are non-transferable and have no cash value


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