Pre-workout Protein Shakes


Pre-workout protein powders have been designed to give you an optimal supply of amino acids and energy to charge your muscles ready for an intense gym workout. The high protein contents will even help your muscles perform through the entire training session as well as helping them to recover afterwards.

To help you push you into PB territory you need to have the right fuel to help supply your body with enough energy to smash them every time. These pre-workout protein powders have been hand selected by in house nutritionists to be the very best. When your body requires the best, THE PROTEIN WORKS steps up to the mark. Pre-workout protein powders and shakes provide you with energy, a sustained amino acid release, muscle building and muscle recovery capabilities all within one delicious tasting shake, perfectly blended and ready to be consumed before you start working out.

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  1. 乳清蛋白360
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