Postworkout Supplements


Postworkout Supplements

Studies show that your post-workout nutrition can greatly impact on the amount of muscle you can build and your rate of recovery. That’s why at TPW™ we have carefully selected the very best ingredients that you can add to your post-workout shake to kick-start recovery and maximise the results you get from training.

Post-workout recovery is considered so essential by experts that if not done properly the positive effects of training could be wasted. The key is getting nutrients to the muscles as quickly as possible so your body can begin repairing. This is why at TPW™ we sourced the finest whey protein, since it’s one of the quickest absorbing proteins available.

Next we sourced the very best and purest forms of dextrose, maltodextrin and waxy maize starch, 3 rapidly absorbing carbohydrates that are ideal for replenishing muscle glycogen levels. Then we sourced a variety of amino acids, vitamins and minerals that have all been scientifically proven to help recovery and developed them into single source products available in pill or powder form or synergistic formulas that contain a blend of different ingredients.

But as well as providing what experts believe are the nutritional fundamentals of post-workout nutrition, we also provide much more and will be looking to further expand this range making more options available to you. We've written extensively about this in our article: Best post workout supplements

Lastly it’s the period immediately following your training that your muscles are starved and so your body is in its most absorptive state, something we understand better than anyone at THE PROTEIN WORKS™. Therefore we strive to ensure we provide the best post-workout nutrition for our customers and so only source the purest ingredients and then manufacture in house. This in turn means your body only receives the nutrients it needs post-workout and absolutely nothing else artificial or anything it doesn’t need.

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  2. CRUNKIES蛋白棒
    低至 ¥ 230.00
  3. 乳清蛋白360
    低至 ¥ 184.00
  4. 肌酸 加强版
    肌酸 加强版
    低至 ¥ 249.00
  5. T-Booster
    低至 ¥ 203.00
  6. 一水肌酸
    低至 ¥ 37.00
  7. 谷氨酰胺
    低至 ¥ 102.00
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