Mass & Power


Here at THE PROTEIN WORKS™ we have a range of supplements devoted to building mass and power. And in a bid to make the best weight gain formulas on the market, have sourced the finest ingredients to create a variety of calorie-dense formulas designed to help athletes bulk up and add serious mass.

Bulking up and building muscle mass requires you to consume more calories than you burn coupled with a heavy, strength-based training routine. That’s why at TPW™ we’ve created a range of supplements that contain the calories needed to bulk up. Plus that also contain ingredients such as creatine monohydrate that has been scientifically proven to help increase the strength of your muscles in the gym.

Ultimately THE PROTEIN WORKS™ supplements featured in this section are ideal for strength athletes wanting to increase muscle mass and power and gain an athletic edge. But are equally designed for those wanting to bulk up and are just perfect for wanting to add size quickly.

Lastly a lot of weight gainer formulas on the market are filled with forms of sugar, fillers and thickeners. But rest assured each and every weight gain formula from THE PROTEIN WORKS™ has been purposely created to the absolute highest standard. In fact we’re so confident in our weight gain formulas that we even include a nutritional breakdown of every one we make. To view this simply click on the Protein Insight icon on each product page and you will be able to see the different ingredients that make up that particular formula. No other sports nutrition company goes to this level of detail, yet here at TPW™ we do to ensure we keep our promise to you to provide PURE sports nutrition.

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